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The Angels were established in 1997 as part of the Little League Challenger Division. Coached by Jon Ellis and Walter Veliz, the team enables physically and mentally challenged children to play ball.

The team practices once or twice a week, and each Saturday plays a game with a traditional team. But instead of playing against the team, they play with them—with each player from the traditional team buddying up with an Angel. Every Angel hits, every Angel plays, and every Angel makes it to home plate, whether they're pushed in a wheel chair, using a walker, or trotting along at their own speed.

angels 02Angels, 2002

Each year brings more Angels to the team, so many in fact, that the team has grown from a handful of players to over thirty members. In the spring of 2009 there were enough Angels to create two teams--the Red Angels and the Blue Angels.

In 2008 the team began participating in Fall Ball, allowing players to take part in both Fall and Spring seasons if their schedules allow.

At the end of the season, the players and their families attend a banquet where each Angel receives a trophey, and we all celebrate another successful year.

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