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At Comal Water Werks we use the most advanced products to ensure you have the most efficient lawn irrigation system today. Our lawn irrigation systems are designed for matched precipitation rates that ensure even watering distribution on your your lawn. All our systems come with a rain & climate monitoring device to ensure proper watering and no waste of water during rainy periods. From our "Smart Controllers" to our underground fertigation systems, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible products and service for your landscaping needs.

Comal Water Werks offers the most technologically advanced fertigation systems on the market. We offer a full range of fertilizers, pest repellants, and organic stimulants. We can take the hard work out of having a beautiful landscape.

Comal Water Werks can also service and repair your existing irrigation system. Because we are knowledgeable about all brands of irrigation systems, Comal Water Werks can offer you a comprehensive service experience. We offer complete services and repairs for residential, corporate, and industrial irrigation systems. No matter how simple or complex your landscape, we can provide the right sprinkler to cover every angle.

Comal Water Werks also offers landscape lighting. Subtle outdoor landscape lighting can brighten up an overall outdoor look, and highlight a home's best features. Comal Water Werks can create an effective landscape lighting system for your residential or industrial needs. Landscape lighting also provides a safe, secure and welcoming environment to come home to.